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Mar 31, 2008

Flowers & Leaves....

Order from neighboorhood customer ...
Simple flowers and leaves...

Pink Theme Cupcakes

This is oder from one of my husband's friends in Ampang ...
Thanks Puan Hamidah for the order ...
" Cantik nya... sayang nak makan ... "

Cupcakes for Birthday - Otomen & Soccer Fan

Wow.. this order is really challenging for me... I am not good in drawing characters in the first place .... well, this is what I've came up with for this order from a fotopage friend ... Ita

Chocolate Moist Cake - Otomen
.. errr seluar dia jadi pink color instead of red .. sorry yek Ita ... !
" Cokelat cake tu sedap... Danish pagi2 da mintak kek amen tu.. habis pulak makan satu slice .. "

Soccer Theme Cuppies
... hmmm ... nak lukis "Arsenal " logo, tak menjadi ..., so tinggal bolasepak dengan padang rumput nya aje ;-) ....
" Cuppy rumput tu saya dan Rash dah ngap ... sedap ...
hehehe...anak saya fanatik giler ngan kek amen kak lea ni, pg tadi pun dia tunjuk lagi ke arah meja, sambik cakap amen lagi...maksudnya kek amen tu lagi la...buat donno ajer... Anyway, kedua2 kek tu sdap, cuma lagi sedap kalu sempat jumpa puan yg membaking kek tu ;-) "

Cupcakes Order from my Srikandi geng last weekend ...

Alhamdulillah .. Wow.. what else could I say ... it was quite a "job" to deco these cuppies ;-) but I am enjoying every bit of it.... here are the orders that I completed last weekend:

Order from my Srikandi friend ... Mum, for a friend's wedding
Testimony :
" They were so cute sampai naik sebak dada I. I sent one to a colleague yg baru menerima menantu. The cuppies ada message :"Selamat Menerima Menantu, Dari Ata & Mum". My colleague was so touched and could not bear to eat those cute cuppies. Coincidentally, the color matches the theme of the wedding - soft pink, soft green, and white... "

Another order from Mum as well ... and this is for a house warming celebration
Testimony :
" I brought them to my brother's house warming khenduri with message "Bless Thy Home". Nobody dares to eat them sebab cute sangat until one young boy grabs one with his grubby hands and gobble it up in one go. Then dia spread to everybody ada kek sedap. Memang sedap. The choc moist cuppies are really moist and delicious. My daughter refuses to clean her 'misai' icing with a tissue. She wants to keep on licking her 'misai'. "

Order from another Srikandi geng .. Yatt ... for her son's birthday
Testimony :
" Thanks Daalia. My son and friends love them very much. I used to order the cupcakes from my friend who can't make it this time round as her mum is in ICU. Was lucky that Daalia informed us about her baking and so happened Daalia could send them to KL this weekend. Thanks for making our day "

Order from Srikandi in Ipoh - Saidatul
Thanks a lot Adik for the order...

Mar 28, 2008

Fondant Cake

My first try to make fondant cake :-) not bad huhhh ....

Kalau berhajat nak oder, boleh .....

Mar 27, 2008

Cupcakes for Engagement / Wedding

Ordered by Sumarlina, from Ulu Kinta, Ipoh

"hehe...tengkiu kak lea. Mmg puas ati ngan design and the good as the look :D"

Mar 25, 2008

Miniature Wedding Cake

Miniature Wedding Cake
RM5 per pc, minimum order 10pcs
Size : 3" x 2"

Miniature Wedding Cake ( 2 tier )
RM6 per pc, minimum order 10 pcs
Size : 3" x 3"

Mar 24, 2008

For Anniversary

Choc Moist Cuppies with Chocolate topping Theme : Musical
Choc Cheese Cake
Theme : Guitar
Testimony " sissssssssssssssssss!!!~both cakes are soooooo sensibly delicioussssssssss!!! yummeh! its sooo great and refreshing, i definitely recommend u to my family & frens "

Mar 22, 2008

Birthday Cuppies - Pink Theme

Choc Moist Cuppies with sugarpaste toppers

" Cuppies are beautiful and delicious. Yang best bebudak kecit tu semu suke. Thanks. Hope to see u soon "
"Sekali lagi :) the cuppies were beautiful and extremely delicious. No wonder kanak kanak riang tu sume sgt suke..jgn kan kanak kanak.mak n bapak kanak kanak pn sgt suke hahaha..."

Mar 21, 2008

Moist Choc Cake - Flower Theme

Moist Choc Cupcake with Buttercream and Sugarpaste toppers
Made this for simple order from a friend ..

Mar 17, 2008

Chocolate Cheese Cake (3)

8" Chocolate Cheese Cake ( No deco )
Made this today for Pepper and Joris, my Filipino friends

Mar 16, 2008

Home Made Pizza

12" Home Made Pizza
I used mazorella cheese, mushroom, bell pepper, and chicken sausage for the topping
Ipohian, if you would like to taste this pizza, feel free to order :-)

Mar 13, 2008

Moist Choc Cake Swirl

Moist Choc Cake with ButterCream Topping
Made this for office internal training function

Mar 12, 2008

Lemon Cheese Cupcake

Lemon Cheese Flavor

Topping : Cream Cheese with Lemon

You can also have it plain without topping..

Mar 9, 2008

Orange Cupcakes

Strawberry sketch with piping Jel coloring

Watermelon with Seed using Ganache

Buttercream topping with Flowers from Sugarpaste & Ribbon using Ganache

Ladybird topping using buttercream with Ganache lining

Orange Cupcake with Buttercream topping

I made all these for my Izwan's ( my youngest boy ) and my husband's birthday

Mar 8, 2008

Fruit Cheese Cake

3kg ( 10" size )
Birthday cake that I made for my son's and husband's birthday party.
The guests really enjoyed the cake, some did not believe that I really baked this cake myself ;-)

Mar 6, 2008

Chocolate Cheese Cake (2)

1.5kg Chocolate Cheese Cake ( 8" size )

Vanilla Cupcakes with Ganache Topping

These cakes is 2nd order from Fara for Irfan's birthday celebration in Teluk Intan
Thanks again Fara for your order...

Mar 3, 2008

Chocolate Moist Cake

2 layer cake - 1.5kg ( 8" size )

This is my very first order received from a fotopage friend, Fara for her son's 3th birthday at the nursery. Customer's testimonial " Babah Irfan suka sangat kek ni, katanya rasa macam Secret Recipe cake .." Thank You so much dear for trusting in me

Mar 1, 2008

Chocolate Cheese Cake (1)

Chocolate Cheese Cake ( 6" size )
Made this for Ellie's birhtday celebration at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

Vanila Cupcakes

Vanila Cupcake with Ganache Topping - Sponsored cupcakes for Eddie Photo Video Photography Class at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

Dear my sis Kak Daalia...Thank you so much for sponsored cupcakes for Eddie PhotoVideo Outdoor Photography Class early March. I love your cheese and chocolate cake for Ellie birthday party last delicious emmm yummy. So orang di luar sana pls don't hesitates to contact and booking Kak Daalia punya cake ni memang sodap.
Eddie PhotoVideo
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