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Jun 30, 2009

Pink & White Theme Cupcakes

Sharizah from TV3 ordered this set of cupcakes for someone dear ...
K. Lea .. cupcake dah sampai ke tangan saya ... cantikk sangatt... tq very much ...

Chocolate & Orange Theme Cupcakes

Noraidah from Bandar Kinrara, Puchong ordered this set of cupcakes for her daughter's birthday

Jun 29, 2009

Sexy Love Cupcakes ....

Siti Zaleha ordered this set of "sexy" cupcakes for someone special at University Malaya...
----------- salam kak lea, thanks 4 da cuppies. my fren ckp sayang nk mkn cuppies tu coz sweet sgt n sexy too :D

Garfield Theme Cupcakes

It has been a long time since I last did a freehand drawing .... Rina of Shah Alam ordered this set of cupcakes for her son's birthday
hi kak lea, thanks for cupcakes..sume org suka cakes especially my twins.. next time bole berurusan lagi..

Moist Choc Cakes with Edible Picture

June, my very regular customer from USJ ordered this cake for her son's birthday .. Testimony ----------- tq so much kak lea.. the cake and the cupcakes (the other day) were so son keeps on saying "ickey, ickey" whenever he sees his face on the cake in this blog..on his birthday, we didn't cut the face portion coz' sayang sangat... .. the cake below is not made by me ... it's by Kak Na Srikandi ... she came to my house just to paste the edible image Thomas before delivering to customer ..... hehe

Ben10 & Upin Ipin Craze

Izzan from Rawang ordered the set of 1.5kg Moist Choc Cake with Ben10 Image, along with 1 set of cupcakes with Upin Ipin images...
thanks lea, sedap sgt kek coklat tu, selalu cake besday yg sy beli tebal ngan icing jer... semua org puji, mak sy pun suka, selalu dia risau, kata muak kalau coklat kek, tp yg ni ok son so excited tgk dia yg jadi ben10, dan yg paling best nya, selama ni dia mmg x nak pun mkn cake, tp semlm elok jer dia makan, dia kata sedap. insya-Allah nnt kita berurusan lagi beli yea...hahaha (cake dah abis dah pun)

Jun 28, 2009

To Beloved Hubby ...

Wizana from Pandan Putri ordered this set of cupcakes to surprise her husband in the office
Many thks Lea!..The cuppies were super duper lovely..Cheeeerss!!

Happy Birthday Puteri Sara Azalea - Sarakids

Nieza of Mom's Choice, Taiping ordered this set of cupcakes for Sarakids Birthday Bash in Shah Alam ...
thanks kak lea for this lovely cupcakes... suka sangat!!! :)
Myra Izwani ordered this set of hantaran cupcakes for her engagement ceremony in Sarawak

Goldish Theme ..

Shida from Taman Dato' Harun ordered this set of hantaran cupcakes for her wedding day

Happy Fathers' Day - Laptop on Cupcakes ?

Nurliza of Putrajaya ordered thsi set of IT Theme cupcakes for her dear hubby...

Jun 25, 2009

Hand Surgery - Trigger Thumb

Salam / Hi All, 

Thanks so much for all the good well wishes, sms, and phone calles from my friends, ex-students, colleagues, bakers friends and my valued customers... Many have been asking and have been very curious on what actually happenned to my hand / finger.. so here's the picture..


What happenned was... I had this condition called " trigger thumb tightened A1 pulley " which restricted my right thumb movements, and pain as well. I've had this condition for almost 2 months, with initial treatment through painkiller and massage ointment from the doctor. You can google to understand more about this. Basically you can't bent the thumb and it will be extremely painful to straighten the thumb back when it accidentally snapped to a bent condition...


 The condition worsen that hindered me from doing proper cake deco job... hence I decided to have this surgery done to correct the condition. It was a daycare operation at Selangor medical Center, and I went back home on the same day... I am given a 2 weeks medical leave to ensure proper heal of the wound before I can go back to work.

So for now, my daughter and husband is helping me a lot in the edible image orders and processing. Edible Image orders is available as per normal... I am not taking any new cake / cupcake orders until 4th of July to allow proper heal of my thumb. Deco Classes will resume from July 4th onwards... I will advice the new schedule soon Thanks so much again to all my caring friends, students, collegues, fellow baking friends and customers.

 p/s : .. I'm actually typing with my left fingers... ahakkksss

Mama Lea Oven
HP : 012-283-9337

Jun 23, 2009


Hi All, Something happened that I need immediate medical attention and has to undergo a minor surgery this week. Hence, I am not accepting any new orders from Jun 24th - Jun 30th. The BASIC CUPCAKE Deco ( Jun 27th ) and FONDANT CUPCAKE Deco Class ( Jun 28th ) that are supposed to be held this weekend is also CANCELLED. For those that have registered and have made payment for the class, I will be conducting replacement classes from Jul 4th onwards. I will advice the new schedule soon. Sorry for the inconveniene caused. Thank You Daalia Mama Lea Oven

Gone Fishing ...

Zaidah from Saudi Arabia ordered this set of cupcakes for someone in Klang .... He loves fishing, so Zaidah requested the fishing theme ...
Kakk.. thanks a lot... he likes it ... your cupies really cute and he said it was really good.. tenkiu ..

Jun 22, 2009

LV handbag for someone special

LV handbags craze again .... ordered by someone to someone dear to the heart.... the person would like to remain anynomous for some reasons .... hehe
kak, i know dis person and the person dat get dis cupcakes..and i taste it alone i ate 4 pieces of ur cupcakes..and my GF (the person who get this cake) like it very much..huhuhu...really a good job u did..

Pastel Purple for Engagement

Airin Duan from USJ ordered this set of fondant cupcakes for her engagement, purple theme

Black Forest Cake ?

Balqish ordered this so called "Black Forest" Cake with Fresh cream from me ... I've never made Blackforest cake for customers before.. for makan sendiri ada la... and frosting the cake with fresh cream is also the first time for sale to customer ...
I hope you like the cake ....
Salam Kak Lea Thanks A lot Coz Dapat Siapkan Anak Buah I punya Birthday Cake...Kek Ok Rasa Pun Sedap X Cam Setengah Kek Terlalu Manis.. Kak Lea Buat Secukup Rasa..Anak Buah i Pun X jangka Ada Gambar Dia Kat C2.. Dia Suka Bangat Kek Tue..Lastly Thanks Again...Muah...Balqish Klang
With the extra whip cream and cake, I made these :
This one is for Mama Fami yang the very fofular itu ....
And this one if for us to makan anak beranak ...

Ben10 & Dibo the dragon birthday cakes

Zalina from PJ, ordered choc moist cake and cupcakes with Ben10 caharacter for his son's birthday
Salam K.Lea, TQ for the lovely cake.. my son suka sangat... Memang sedap.. rich of chocolate.. yummy !
Yusfida from Sg Buloh ordered choc moist choc cake with Dibo adn friends character for her girl's birthday
Salam Lea, I just want to say thank you for making such a nice cake for Nadia’s birthday. She likes it very much. Taste good too. Semua org cakap cake sedap. InsyaAllah akan order lg next time. Thanks again.
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