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Dec 24, 2009

Basic Cupcakes Class

Recent Basic Cupcakes Class conducted at my premise....

Fondant Cake & Cupcakes Class

Recent Class on Fondant Cake & Cupcakes Deco ...
Testimony from one of the students :  " I really admire your skill. Enn tengah tengok blog lain, tak sama dengan akak la. Kemas, klas, kreatif... Nak belajar lain pulak next year... I like your ke 'fussy'an .. "

Dec 23, 2009

Pink Theme Cupcakes for Hantaran

Affezah from Puchong ordered this set for her brother's wedding. Fezzah has been my very regular customer ... she has been ordering from me for her engagement day, later for her wedding day, naughty cuppies for her cousin's birthday ... Fezah really love fondant deco ... thanks Fezah for your continuous support ....

The pretty roses below was handmade by no other than Diana, my employee that really has talent in making roses.....

Dec 21, 2009

Black & Grey Theme - 3 Tier Fondant Wedding Cake

3 tier black and grey theme fondant wedding cake for Halim and partner from Kg Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur...

Dec 18, 2009

FAST SALE - Very Chocolaty Choc Moist Cake

For quick grab .. Choc Moist cake .. fille diwth choc ganache, topped with choc ganache, and decorated with choc ganache ... perfect choice for choc cake lovers !

1.2kg = RM60

Dec 13, 2009

Doll Cake - Aurora Disney Princess

Aurora Princess Doll Cake, ordered by Wati from Puchong for her little 3 year old princess

Dec 6, 2009

Elmo Cookies Marathon

For 2 days in a row, Yan has been concentrating her full effort is baking the Elmo cookies and decorating them ...... 200 cookies to be done, with 50pcs on stick .... for kenduri and birthday celebration, ordered by Lina from Bukit Jelutong and Fyllis

Purple Theme Fondant Cake by MamaFami

Helped.. actually guided MamaFami to get this fondant cake done. Most of the work is done by MamaFami herself.... I only covered the cake with fondant which MamaFami was "berdebar2" to do it herself. Plus I thought her how to make the frills ... Almost 99% of the fondant used was homemade fondant, except for the flowers on top of the cake was ready-made...

I'm sure the next time she can deco a fondant cake by herself with no problem at all .. Go Mama Go .... :-)

And for those who wants to learn how to deco fondant cake, can register for my class ( sempat iklan sekejap tu .. hehe .. )

Dec 5, 2009

Maroon and Pink Theme Hantaran Cake

Azuin from Putrajaya ordered this maroon and pink theme hantaran cake for his brother's wedding
As much as possible, I will not make my own fondant flowers for fondant cakes and cupcakes orders. Only in emergency and last minute orders, ready made flowers will be used.

Thanks so much to Diana and Yan whom have helped me a lot in preparing the fondant flowers to make the orders below possible. Diana made the maroon and pink flowers, while I get the white roses and filler flowers done.

To see the big smile on customer's face when she came to collect the cake at my shop is really satisfying :-)

Maroon & Pink Theme Hantaran Cupcakes

Wedding Hantaran Cupcakes for both the bride and bridegroom, ordered by Ekin from Nilai

Testimony : " salam... k.lea... thanks a lot... cupcakes comel...cantik sgt... sayang betul nk makan... next time boleh order lagi...:) "

Hantaran Cakes as displayed on the Hantaran Tray by The Customer

Just found the pictures of hantaran cakes that my customer, Affezah ordered for her big day last November...
Am so happy to see the cakes sits nicely on the hantaran trays for both the bride and the groom :-)

Dec 4, 2009

Fondant Roses ....

It has been really a very busy week .... with 800 muffins to bake, fondant roses to make in multiple sizes and color, cookies to bake and deco .... fortunately I have Yan whom now being nicknamed as " Mama Elmo " as she has been baking cookies and decorating them since day one she joined me .. while Diana whom is good in baking and making fondant roses....

Here are some of the snapshots of the fondant roses that we are preparing for the wedding / hantaran cakes and cupcakes .... more pictures coming up after these roses go on the cakes / cupcakes ...

Dec 3, 2009

Colorful Kiddy Theme

Akma from Putra Heights ordered this set of colorful cupcakes for her kids at kindergarden

Chilled Chocolate Cheese Cake & Cupcakes for the Boss

Rozana from Shah Alam ordered the set of chilled cheesecake and cupcakes for her boss 

36pcs vanilla cupcakes fro the office collegues as well

Thomas & Frirneds Cake for Kindergarden Friends

Ordered by Wan Azliza from Putra Heights as toekn of thanks to the kindergarden teachers where her son Akif goes to school

Mini Cupcakes Available for Walk-In Purchase

Mini Cuppies available at the shop ... you may walk in anytime to purchase

4pcs = RM5
9pcs = RM10
36pcs = RM40
49pcs = RM50

Some of the latest cupcakes ready to purchase

Nov 30, 2009

Pink Castle for 1 year Old girl ....

Order from Carolyn from Bukit Jelutong for her daughter's birthday
Chocolate Moist Cake deco with fondant

Nov 23, 2009

Cookies Order

Cookies Order

Maroon Color Love Shape - Wedding gift, ordered by Aza from Putra Heights
Lady & Man Love Shape with Stick - Wedding Gift, ordered by FIdah from Perak
Blue Daisy with Stick - Birthday Gift, ordered by Wawa from Ampang

Fifi The Flowertot

Fifi The Flowertot - ordered by Wawa from Ampang for her daughter's birthday

Nov 16, 2009

Hannah Montana Birthday cake

Hamiza from USJ Subang Jaya ordered this Hannah Montana Theme Cake for her daughter's birthday

Garden Theme Cake

Siti from Shah Alam, my returning customer and student, ordered this garden theme cake for her daughter's birthday

Cookies Orders ...

Cookies Order ...

Purple Theme Cookies - Ordered by Idayu from Pandan Indah
Multi shapes cookies order - Ordered by Ms Cheah from Putra Heights for her daughter's birthday

Nov 15, 2009

Poker Theme & Sexy Cupcakes

Poker Theme - Ordered by Hani for someone's birthday
Sexy Cuppies Yellow Theme - Ordered by Affezah to tease her cousins
Sexy Cuppies Green Theme - Ordered by Azelin for her girlfriends

Special thanks to Yan & Diana who helped me to get these orders done as per customer's requests ...

Fuza ordered this purple theme cake for her engagement day

Nov 13, 2009

Cupcakes for this weekends treat

Salam... below are some of the ready made cuppies to grab for the weekends treat... you may come to my shop to purchase them

Mini Cuppies - 4pcs for RM5, 9 pcs for RM10, 36pcs for RM40 and 49pcs for RM50
S size cuppies - RM2 per pc
L size Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Topping = RM4 per pc

Nov 8, 2009

Fast Sale - 1 kg sponge cake with orange filling

1 kg orange sponge cake with orange filling for grab = RM40

Please call or SMS me at 012-283-9337
if you are interested to purchase this cake

Strictly self pickup at my shop in Putra Heights

Elmo Cookies

Lili from Putra Heights ordered this elmo cookies for her kid's birthday celebration

PhotoCake & Bright Red Theme

Angeline from Puchong ordered the photocake for his father in law's birthday .... not too sweet she said ..... I hope it wasn't too sweet yeah ....
The High School Musical Photocake was ordered by Azelin along with High School Musical Cuppies and Princess Theme Cupcakes ..

Zarina from Subang Jaya ordered this set of red cake and cuppies for her twin girls ..... both the birthday girls came to my shop to collect the cake on the day, wearing white gown :-) comelnya dia orang ...

Polka Dot Doll Cake

Doll Cake, matching the birthday girl's dress, ordered by Shazura from Cheras

These photos borrowed from Oli's facebook...


Salam kak lea….sha saja email nak bagi akak tengok kek akak yang sangat fantastic tu masa bday anak2 sha….…hehehehe…bersejarah jugak le…tapi berbaloi sebab kami puas hati dengan kek yang akak buat termasuk cuppies……insyaalah kompom tahun depan my kids punya bday party sha order yang fondant topping….dah boleh book ke untuk tahun depan….hehehehehehehehe
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