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Nov 30, 2009

Pink Castle for 1 year Old girl ....

Order from Carolyn from Bukit Jelutong for her daughter's birthday
Chocolate Moist Cake deco with fondant

Nov 23, 2009

Cookies Order

Cookies Order

Maroon Color Love Shape - Wedding gift, ordered by Aza from Putra Heights
Lady & Man Love Shape with Stick - Wedding Gift, ordered by FIdah from Perak
Blue Daisy with Stick - Birthday Gift, ordered by Wawa from Ampang

Fifi The Flowertot

Fifi The Flowertot - ordered by Wawa from Ampang for her daughter's birthday

Nov 16, 2009

Hannah Montana Birthday cake

Hamiza from USJ Subang Jaya ordered this Hannah Montana Theme Cake for her daughter's birthday

Garden Theme Cake

Siti from Shah Alam, my returning customer and student, ordered this garden theme cake for her daughter's birthday

Cookies Orders ...

Cookies Order ...

Purple Theme Cookies - Ordered by Idayu from Pandan Indah
Multi shapes cookies order - Ordered by Ms Cheah from Putra Heights for her daughter's birthday

Nov 15, 2009

Poker Theme & Sexy Cupcakes

Poker Theme - Ordered by Hani for someone's birthday
Sexy Cuppies Yellow Theme - Ordered by Affezah to tease her cousins
Sexy Cuppies Green Theme - Ordered by Azelin for her girlfriends

Special thanks to Yan & Diana who helped me to get these orders done as per customer's requests ...

Fuza ordered this purple theme cake for her engagement day

Nov 13, 2009

Cupcakes for this weekends treat

Salam... below are some of the ready made cuppies to grab for the weekends treat... you may come to my shop to purchase them

Mini Cuppies - 4pcs for RM5, 9 pcs for RM10, 36pcs for RM40 and 49pcs for RM50
S size cuppies - RM2 per pc
L size Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Topping = RM4 per pc

Nov 8, 2009

Fast Sale - 1 kg sponge cake with orange filling

1 kg orange sponge cake with orange filling for grab = RM40

Please call or SMS me at 012-283-9337
if you are interested to purchase this cake

Strictly self pickup at my shop in Putra Heights

Elmo Cookies

Lili from Putra Heights ordered this elmo cookies for her kid's birthday celebration

PhotoCake & Bright Red Theme

Angeline from Puchong ordered the photocake for his father in law's birthday .... not too sweet she said ..... I hope it wasn't too sweet yeah ....
The High School Musical Photocake was ordered by Azelin along with High School Musical Cuppies and Princess Theme Cupcakes ..

Zarina from Subang Jaya ordered this set of red cake and cuppies for her twin girls ..... both the birthday girls came to my shop to collect the cake on the day, wearing white gown :-) comelnya dia orang ...

Polka Dot Doll Cake

Doll Cake, matching the birthday girl's dress, ordered by Shazura from Cheras

These photos borrowed from Oli's facebook...


Salam kak lea….sha saja email nak bagi akak tengok kek akak yang sangat fantastic tu masa bday anak2 sha….…hehehehe…bersejarah jugak le…tapi berbaloi sebab kami puas hati dengan kek yang akak buat termasuk cuppies……insyaalah kompom tahun depan my kids punya bday party sha order yang fondant topping….dah boleh book ke untuk tahun depan….hehehehehehehehe

Nov 5, 2009

Cakes & Cupcakes at Lea Oven

Alhamdulillah.. now I have Diana, Yan and Yanie to help me in baking, decorating and editing the edible images. With them around, I am able to plan my work much much better, and put more cakes readily for sale

My dear friends, customers and future customers, feel free to drop by and shop around for raw baking items, as well as grab some cakes and cupcakes at my shop. You may also walk in to place your customized orders for birthdays, parties, wedding or for simple makan2 with the family.

Some of the cupcakes and cakes that are available for immediate purchase are :

1.2kg Ben10 Chocolate Moist Cake = RM60
36pcs Mini Ben10 Cuppies = RM50

1.2 kg Chocolate Moist Upin Ipin Cake covered with Ganache = RM60
36pcs Mini Upin Ipin Cuppies = RM50

1/2 kg Princess Orange Butter Cake with Orange Filling = RM20
English Garden Theme Cuppies ( Vanila & Choc Moist ) = RM40 for 36pcs / RM50 for 49pcs

You may walk in to purchase, or you can Call / SMS me at 012-283-9337 to reserve these cakes / cupcakes for you. Strictly on self collect for this purchase.

Nov 4, 2009

Basic Cupcakes & Fondant Deco with the Hearing Impaired Group

I feel so honored and priviledged to have the opportunity to teach Kathy, her husband Jimmy, and her friends Irene & Joan to bake and deco cupcakes using buttercream icing, royal icing as well as fondant.

This group is special such that I have to use sign language and pen & paper to communicate with them.
It was such an interesting experience...

Though the class took longer than normal time to finish, it was really rewarding and satisfying to the team. You can see from their happy faces below. The class started ~ 10.30 am and finished ~7pm
I really envy their determination and the bond among them. They really work together and hep each other to complete each step and deco that I teach them ... and the smile on their faces lasts from the beginning of the class to the end .....

I picked up a few simple sign language such as " Thank You", " I Love You", "baby", "leaf" from them ....
To Kathy and team, happy baking and decorating ... keep in touch yeah ..

Nov 2, 2009

November Cake, Cupcakes & Fancy Cookies Class Schedule

To register, you can email or SMS me in this format :

Name / Module / Date ( Daalia / BCC / 16-Nov )

Upon confirmation reply from me, you may deposit RM100 to confirm your seat in the class

Nov 6th - Basic Cupcakes, Chocolate Cake Deco
Nov 7th - Basic Cupcakes
Nov 8th - Buttercream Cake Deco
Nov 13th - Basic Cupcakes, Fondant Cupcakes
Nov 14th - Cartoon Artwork, Chocolate Cake
Nov 15th - Fancy Cookies
Nov 16th - Basic Cupcakes
Nov 21st - Buttercream Cake Deco
Nov 22nd - Basic Cupcakes
Nov 24th - Cartoon Artwork, Chocolate Cake Deco
Nov 28th - Fondant Cupcakes
Nov 29th - Fondant Cake

Venue for all Classes : My shop at Putra Heights. Click on the "MAP" tab for direction to my shop

Filiz ( PJ ) - Kak Lea, Filiz nery cake sangat menadi, recipe sangat best and masak without ay problem. all the techniques yang Kak Lea ajar memang Filiz apply and it turns out well for the beginner macam Filiz dalam dunia cake. Hasilnye macam pro ! Fondant buat sendiri dengan tangan dan berjaya ajar adik ipar... Ilmu yang diturunkan berjaya di turunkan kat orang gak ! Worth the money spent ! Tak sabar nak join klas yang lain ....

Jamaliah ( Ipoh ) - Terima Kasih Kak Lea ... best belajar dengan Kak Lea .. enjoy and happy

Lea Oven Team
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