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Sep 29, 2009

Baking & Deco Classes

Salam / Hi All,
Many have been sending me emails and SMSes asking me to update the new baking and deco class schedule. Thanks so much guys for the continuous support. Thousand apologies for the delay in updating the schedule... You may register by filling up the registration form below :


Email Address:

Contact Number

Choose Class Code to attend
Basic Cupcakes - RM180
Buttercream Cake Deco - RM150
Cartoon Artwork Deco - RM150
Doll Cake Deco B/Cream - RM150
Doll Cake Deco Fondant - RM200
Choc Cake Deco - RM200
Fondant Cake Deco - RM250
Fondant Cupcake Deco - RM250
Fancy Cookies Deco - RM180
Handbag Fondant Deco - RM250
Tier Buttercream Cake Deco - RM350
Tier Fondant Cake Deco - RM500
Kuih Talam Varieties - RM100
Tartlets - RM100
Cheese Cakes - RM100
Continental Cakes - RM120
Frozen Food - RM100
Pastry - RM100
Breads - RM100
Hainan Chicken Rice - RM150
Iranian Briyani Rice - RM150
Choosen Date

Form provided by Freedback.

Venue for all Classes : My Shop at Putra Heights ( click on the "MAP" tab for direction )

Please refer to the google calendar on the top for the class schedule

Fees are as below:
Basic Cupcakes Deco ( BCC ) - RM180
Fondant Cupcakes Deco ( FCC ) - RM250
Fondant Cake Deco ( FCD ) - RM250
Fancy Cookies Deco ( FCO ) - RM180
Cartoon Artwork Deco ( CAD ) - RM150
Buttercream Doll Cake Deco (DCD) - RM150
Fondant Doll Cake Deco ( FDCD) - RM200
Chocolate Cake Deco ( CCD ) - RM200
Handbag Fondant Deco ( HFD ) - RM250 ( picture will be updated later )
Buttercream Flowers Deco for Cupcakes ( 9pcs ) - RM150

Weekdays Classes are OPEN DAILY ( BASED ON AVAILABILITY ) with appoitment.
For those that would like to have one to one coaching and combine more than one module in a day and , it is best if you spare your time and book the weekday classes to maximize your learning and hands on experience.

Course contents and the fee details :

BCC - Basic Cupcake Deco ( RM180)

1. Mixture preparation and bake the cupcakes
2. Introduction to Fondant and when to use them
3. Make Royal Icing and Royal Icing Flower
4. Deco 16 different cupcakes
Bonus Receipe : Choc Moist Cupcakes

BCD - Buttercream Cake 1 tier Deco ( RM150 )
- learn how to cover cake with buttercream
- learn how to make various type of borders - learn to make various type of flowers on the cake

CAD - Cartoon Artwork Cake ( RM150 )
- using transfer technique to draw cartoon on cake - coloring technique using piping jelly & buttercream

DCD - Buttercream Doll Cake Deco ( RM150 / RM200 )
- RM150 for Buttercream & RM200 for Fondant - deco princess doll with buttercream ( or fondant ) using various type of method

CCD - Chocolate Cake Deco with Flowers ( RM200 ) -
 deco chocolate cake with Ganache and chocolate roses

FCD - Fondant Cake Deco( RM250 )

- making home-made fondant in the class - learn to make various type of cake borders
- learn to make flowers ( roses, filler flowers)
- learn to properly cover cake ( dummy ) with fondant and deco

FCC - Fondant Cupcake Deco 9pcs( RM250 )
- making home-made fondant in the class
- making fondant flowers, bear and baby
- deco suitable for wedding hantaran and other occasions

BCDT - Buttercream Cake 2 tier Deco ( RM350 )
- Can Choose Tier or Stack
- Learn how to cover with Buttercream
- Learn techniques on how to stack / tier the cake
- Learn various type of deco suitable for wedding cake

FCDT - Fondant Cake 2 tier Deco ( RM500 )
- Can Choose Tier or Stack - Make your own fondant in the class
- Learn techniques on how to stack / tier the cake
- Make various fondant flowers to deco the cake - Learn border techniques using fondant / royal icing

FCO - Fancy Cookies Deco ( RM180 )
- Mix and Bake Fancy Cookies
- Learn how to make correct consistency royal icing for cookies
- Learn how to make homemade fondant for cookies
- Learn how to deco 12 different cookies with various cutters

Note : Actual cake deco in the class may varies and may not look exactly the same as the one shown in these pictures. Deposit of RM100 is required to confirm your seat in the class

You may bank in your deposit to the account below and email me back your proof of payment

Name : Daalia Abdul
Maybank Account No : 508177053982
Email :

Colorfull and Pastel Cuppies

Izura from Shah Alam ordered the set of Mini and Small Cuppies for makan2 and for engagement set
hi mz lea, thanks for the cupcakes received last saturday, it was seriously awesome!my feedback: simple and fast purchase, punctual delivery, superb taste..nxt time boleh order lagi.& to you and ur team, keep up the good work and selamat hari raya.Thanks again! =)

Happy Anniversary The Star

Repeat Order from SPNB for The Star Anniversary

Sep 28, 2009

Syawal Mini Cuppies

Syawal Cupcakes .. in Mini sizes ( 1 inch diameter )... selling like hot cakes at my shop :-) Just nice bite size, suitable for Syawal Open House Makan2... Price : RM50 per box of 49pcs cupcakes Flavor : Vanilla & Choc Moist Just Walk in to my shop at Putra Heights if you would like to have them

Mickey Moouse Cupcakes

Another set of birthday cupcakes in between raya orders Najib from Sg Buloh ordered thsi set of cupcakes for birthday

Pink Booties for Kenduri Aqiqah

Zarina from Kajang ordered almost 300 cupcakes with booties design and some flowery design for her baby's kenduri.... In the midst of getting her cupcakes ready, I missed out one set of Medium size cupcakes that she has ordered together with this set..... really really sorry Zarina ....

Pastel Color Birthday Cupcakes

In between Raya and Wedding cupcakes orders, there is also orders for birthday celebration Rachek ordered these 2 set cupcakes for her daughter's 7 years old daughter's birthday at USJ Subang Jaya ... some of the pattern were inspired from WonderMilk design .....

Red Theme Hantaran Cupcakes

Murini from Seremban ordered this red and gold hantaran cuppies....

Hantaran Cupcakes & Choc Moist Cake

Hantaran Cuppies, Orange Sunflower Theme ordered by Aida from Batu Caves Aida also ordered one choc moist cake for makan2 with the family, she said ...
kak lea.. kek coklat tu sangat sedap, semua pun puji esspecially kazen yang kecik2 tu tak berenti makan.. cupcakes pun sangat cute dan cantik, suka sgt..

Hantaran Cuppies - Green Theme

Hantaran Cuppies with Green Theme, ordered by Faridah from Cheras... What a coincidence.. when her husband came to collect the cupcakes, he met my husband whom was his senior durign school days at Sek Seltan Muhammad Melaka... and as expected, borak panjang la .....

Engagement Hantaran Cuppies - Peach Theme

Engagement Hantaran Cuppies with Peach Theme, ordered by Anna Mazleena from USJ Subang Jaya

Sep 27, 2009

Syawal Orders

Ramadan is over ... Syawal is here .. it has been really a busy Ramadan month with orders puring in as usual. There were so many backdated entries that are not updated yet, be it cakes / cupcakes orders or deco classes.. insyaAllah I will update them gradually as time permits ... Here are some of the early Syawal Orders ... thank you for the continous support from my dear customers and friends ......

Sep 19, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf zahir Batin

Lea Oven ingin mengucapkan Selamat hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin kepada semua pelanggan, rakan2 seperjuangan, sanak saudara, dan kepada semua umat Islam yang menyambut Hari Lebaran. Maaf kerana tidak dapat membuat "blog walking" ke blog rakan2 semua... dan terima kasih di atas segala ucapan selamathariraya yang diteriam melalui email, shoutbox dan SMS.

Sehingga kita berjumpa lagi, insyaAllah ...

Kedai kami akan ditutup dari 20hb Sept - 22hb Sept ini, dan akan kembali beroperasi seperti biasa pada 23hb Sept

Terima Kasih

Sep 16, 2009

Cupcakes - Syawal Promotion

Syawal Promotion - Starting from 5th Syawal onwards
( Choose the Code and state in the order form. You can mix and match your choice, and customize the wordings of your choice )
- 49pcs Cupcakes Mini size with Raya Edible Image = RM60 ( Normal Price RM74 )
- 36pcs Cupcakes Mini size with Raya Edible Image = RM45 ( Normal Price RM55 )

- 36pcs Cupcakes S size with Raya Edible Image = RM90 ( Normal Price RM108 )
- 25pcs Cupcakes S size with Raya Edible Image = RM65 ( Normal Price RM75 )
- 16pcs Cupcakes s size with Raya Edible Image = RM40 ( Normal Price RM50 )
- 25pcs Cupcakes M size with Raya Edible Image = RM75 ( Normal Price RM90 )
- 16pcs Cupcakes M size with Raya Edible Image = RM50 ( Normal Price RM60)

Sep 14, 2009

FAST SALE - Sponge Orange Cake with Roses

FAST SALE - Orange Sponge Cake 1.5kg

Normal Price = RM60
Fast Sale Price = RM50

If interested, please SMS or CALL me at 012-283-9337
Strictly on SELF Pickup ONLY at my premise in Putra Heights


Sep 10, 2009

Chocolate Cake for Breaking Fast

Siti from Klang ordered this chocolate moist cake for Buka Puasa

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